Extreme Chastity – Padlock Prince Albert

Sunday, mid April at 4pm. A knock at the door of my hotel room, when I opened it there stood Mistress Tara, Mistress Raven and slave girl M. They entered and my thoughts were what three stunning ladies, and after introduction and legal part of the session Mistress Tara order me to the shower as she did not like my smell.

After my shower Mistress Tara placed wrist & ankle restraints and tied me to a chair, blindfolded me and place clamps on my nipples, placing the chain in my mouth making sure I applied pressure by pulling on the chain. As I sat there the magnificent 3 went about setting up the room.

My session would involve nailing my penis to a table and finishing up inserting a padlock, which was made just for that session, as a prince Albert stud, and chastity device. Mistress Tara has the key which is registered so I cannot have one made. I all so live interstate which means no easy access, and 1 visit a month will mean very frustrating times ahead.

When they were ready they place me on to the end of a long table lying me down and tying my arms and feet so I had restricted movement. They place a pillow under my head, as they wanted me to see every thing, and proceeded in CBT by slapping laughing, they were having a great time. Mistress then pierced my cock, and nail it to a block of wood which was attached to the table with gee clamps ( the hotel may not have appreciate us nail to their table).

As Mistress Tara had some smaller nails she decided to nail my ball bag to the block, she thought this was a nice touch, and all agreed. leaving me there for a short time and having some fun with me, they then moved on to enlarging the hole to place the lock. This took some time as the penis can be rather tough, but over all believe it or not there was not a lot of pain, which did not please Mistress at all, and she promise mush more next meeting, which will be on slave day on the 5th of May.

I am wondering if she will re nail my cock and balls with a larger nail to keep me still for slave day, can’t wait.

The whole experience was done in a professional way with sterile equipment and with the up most safety in mind. I love the look and feel of my padlock and cannot believe how well it restrict my actions.

slave H – South Australia
Extreme Chastity Slave to Mistress Tara – Sydney

Key Holder for Chastity slave H
Mistress Tara of Sydney

Sensually and Spiritually Sadistic Dominatrix
Mobile: +61 (0) 403 370 446
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About mistresstarasydney

Mistress Tara I am Mistress Tara, a sensually and spiritually sadistic Professional Dutch Dominatrix with more than 10 years experience in Europe and Australia. Since BDSM is a lifestyle choice for me, I consider it important that both I and the slave boy, respectively slave girl, enjoy the experience. As such if a slave’s fantasies are not cohesive with my own preferences, I will redirect him or her to a fellow Mistress who is (more) compatible with their fantasies. I do not differentiate between male and female slaves; I enjoy playing with both. Also, should a slave desire, I can arrange for a Master, second Mistress or slave girl to participate in our game. If you would like more information, email me or call. In the event I am unable to take the call, try me again later. http://www.tara-bdsm.com http://www.mistresstara.com.au
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